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If you can dream it, We Can Develop IT!

Our depth of experience, passion for excellence and relentlessness makes us your ideal partner to build your web and mobile solution. We won't only follow your ideas, but we always ready deeply study your vision and provide our suggestion based on our many years of experience to add value to your project.

We bring expertise to the table for the entire project lifecycle - from concept through design, development, release, business practice integration and adoption.

Project audit and review

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Tap into our decades of expertise to review your project and plot a course forward. Revive your project, fix the bugs, add new features and increase scalability.

Not all distressed projects have to be tossed out and started over. Not all legacy systems must be rewritten. Hire a team famous for system revitalization.

We will review and audit your platform objectively and with the highest level of industry expertise.


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Have you outgrown your system? Does your system scale poorly?

Our experts know the science of system optimization.

We will diagnose scalability problems and work with you to plan the right mitigation plan based upon your needs and priorities. We know how to setup your server properly and polish setting for your softwares, yse modern cloud solution and setup clasters for your needs.


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Imagine seeing your system in the real world for one tenth of the cost of building it and seeing it NOW!

We can build a prototype of your dream system in record time and with costs carefully controlled.

We then work interactively with you to refine the experience and perfect the solution.

If you can dream it, We Can Develop IT!

E-commerce solutions

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Creating and managing an e-commerce site is much more than just adding a shopping cart to your catalog.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who can create a unique e-commerce solution that is secure, reliable, and affordable.

Each project requires an innovative approach complete with multi-disciplinary knowledge of the diverse aspects of the e-commerce platforms and technologies to use.

Blockchain solutions

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We are an engineering team, among our many talents is specialized skills in developing Cryptocurrency, FinTech and Blockchain services.

The company designs and develops blockchain powered solutions for various industries.

We had a chance to design systems around numbers of blockchains, like Etherioum, Bitcoin, Universa, BigchainDB, etc.

Customer Support

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Welcome to peace of mind!

Our team spans all timezones, providing 24/7 support.

We have experience running support on high traffic, high revenue eCommerce platforms which cannot tolerate a minute of downtime. We'll give your customers an experience worthy of your brand.

Hosting and Domain management

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With 20 years of experience servicing companies with hosting needs we designed, developed, operated and managed dozens of high-traffic platforms.

We will help you to design and implement the ideal solution for your cloud hosting, CDN, domain management system and other internet services.

How Do We Do IT?

It All Starts With One Question “Why?”

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A craftsman reaches for the tools before understanding what he’s building. An pro knows to not ask what he’s building, before first asking the question of “Why?”

What problem are we solving? The answer to this question can dramatically change the entire strategy for discovery, invention, design, development and deployment.

“Why” always comes first at us, then “What?”, finally “How?”

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Why I Need Help

The Evasive “What?”

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First, we nail the “Why?” We find out exactly why our client is searching for a solution. Having clearly gotten on the same page with our clients on “Why?”, Our two and a half decades of experience co-inventing the “What?” with our clients, make us uniquely qualified to be your trusted guru on you journey.

Listen - Building software to solve business problems is a very challenging endeavor. Anyone who is trite with it is a fool soon to meet disaster.

We have learned through hundreds of projects how critical it is to be a master of cutting edge technology, an expert in best practices, a veteran in overcoming challenges. We pour all of this experience into the process of defining the “What?” What are we building? What will the user experiences be? What is the minimal viable product? What risks do we need to account for?

Of course, it all starts with the “Why?”. Then, you must be an absolute pro to successfully answer the “What?”.

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WHAT I Need Done

All the tools a pros needs to answer “How?”

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Have you heard about the craftsman who lost all his tools except for his hammer? Over time, everything he saw appeared to be a nail. His one tool became the universal problem solver.

A true expert knows how to select the right tools for the right job. Our experts have answered the question of “How?” so many times, with so many years of experience.

We have learned to be open minded and flexible when it comes to selection of the tools for the job. If you want your solution to be a round peg pounded into a square hole, there are so many companies out there who can start building your solution NOW!

Our question is never “Now?” Our questions start with Why, journey through the “What?” and then deeply analyze and masterfully answer the “How?”

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HOW My Problem Can Be Solved

About Us

The secret to our experts’ success is the unity and cohesiveness of our team. The collective experience of our 30 some odd experts in every discipline within the software development process comes to bear to ensure your project is a success.

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Our experts have something very specific in common - a passion for learning. To be one of our experts, you love to learn, you are on the cutting edge and stay there, you learn new things, you are a true expert - a pro.

Our experts have been amazing clients in the United States and throughout Europe for more than 15 years. We bring to our work the discipline of process and risk management.

Our relationships with hosting providers world-wide equip us to not only build the solution for you, but then to guide and support you in deployment, business practice integration and on-going customer service and system support.

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Starting with an open and decades of experience, we guide you to go beyond the symptoms of the problem we are solving and get to the core issues. We put your problem in the context of industry norms, established best practices and trends in technology and solutions.

We come out of discovery with a project charter and clear problem definition.



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Invention is a matter of discipline before a question of ingenuity. Our process of invention guides our clients through a structured roadmap of innovation. We are gurus of scope definition. We know the cutting-edge of technology as well as we know the proven best practices of industry. We invent with you, defining a scope that aligns with the project charter and places us on a path to success.

We come out of invention with a clear problem description, technical requirements and scope definition.



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The design phase is a key to cost and risk control on our projects. Through iterative phases of prototyping and stakeholder workshops we build and verify the user experience before construction begins. We have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars by discovering conceptual flaws in the scope definition before construction begins.

We come out of design with a full clickable prototype of the platform. At this phase, you will also get our first security analysis. We design security into our solutions from step 1.



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The scope is clearly defined. The experience has been prototyped and confirmed. Your gurus now build the platform with confidence that they know where we are going and how we are getting there. From this comes the elegance of architecture, forming a foundation for lower cost, higher quality, and faster time to market. By doing things right, your solution is now designed to grow and adjust as your business evolves. Security auditing is performed through out the project.

You come out of construct with an asset to your company - a solution engineered with excellence, ready to solve your business problems.



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Our Gurus understand the importance of a smooth rollout. We don’t just deploy your platform. We guide you, as expert gurus, through the complex path of business process integration.

Penetration testing and security auditing is performed either by our team or a third party. We are passionate about security. You come out of deploy with sheer brilliance - your problem solved and your business more profitable.



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The key to support is to build the system right in the first place. A well-built system should quietly run itself. Whether we built your system or you came to us with it already constructed, we will provide you with the support you need to know your business is in good hands. We’ll keep your system running, secured, optimized for performance and protected from disaster.

Many of our clients stay with us in support for years and years. We help you to profit and grow.



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The best technological solution and the second place in the battle of projects at the NEAR MetalBUILD Hackathon (2022)

After meeting with the Meta ADS startup team and working through the terms of reference together, we took up the implementation of their idea for the NEAR Meta BUILD Hackathon

And here is our result:

  • WINNER Second Place

  • WINNER Welcome Track | Best use of Technology

The received prize helped our customer to start the development of the project.


19 of January 2018 we took place on the BLOCKCHAIN MEETUP: "Tokenization of the real sector. Development on blockchain GOLOS."

The were a Sergey Simanovsky, CEO Golos Fund gave us the main prize for the first place in the competition of application developers for the GOLOS blockchain. We presented a solution for tokenization of product reviews.


36 hours marathon, continuous brainstorms, powerful synergy and communication in the team and we are winners on BLOCKCHAIN_HACKATHON "DApp Hack 1.0"!

Aleksandr Kwaskoff, Investment Manager at Golos Fund and other jury members includinf Nikolay Fedorovskikh Business Development Executive at Universa Blockchain, who hired our team after event for partners’s project based on Universa Blockchain :)

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